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To make the process easy, we summarized the tips so you can easily know how to choose a domain name to invest in.

Let’s dive into each tip to learn more about this topic.

A. Use top level .com domain

Search domains for domain investing
Search .com domains for domain investing

There are lots of new domain extensions today like .net, .org, .info, .co, .blog, .store, .pizza, and many more. We always recommend that you choose a .com domain name.

While other top-level domains (TLDs) are also good to use, the new domain extensions are less likely to establish the credibility of your business. Many users just automatically type “.com” at the end of a domain without thinking much about it.

If the users type instead of seller, you might be losing your customers as you have not used the dot com domain. It’s always best then to stick with the “.com” domain.

B. Use keywords on your domain search.

High-quality domains with an appropriate keyword on them tend to be clicked with priority on Google and therefore convert to higher sales.

If you are searching for forex online, you can see these websites on the Google search results:

  4., and many more.

Imagine when the searcher sees these search result and sees the domain name with the keyword, they may think that it is already what they are looking for and therefore will result in a click.

Together with high-quality content and a good user experience, the keywords in your domain can help you rank higher on search engines.

C. Keep your domain name short.

Generally, an ideal domain is short and of course, the shorter it gets, the better. Based on the research of Data Genetics, the most common length of a domain is approximately 12 characters.

While shorter domains are most likely owned already by someone a long time ago, it is still possible to own available shorter domain names by being more creative and by thinking of various domain name ideas.

Additionally, you can purchase domains for sale here on Negotiante.

You can register a new domain at Bluehost.

D. Search for brandable domains.

Brandable domain names are memorable, distinct, catchy, and creative to front a business brand. You can think of companies like Amazon, Google, Youtube, Lenovo, and many more. Those domains easily tell what their brand is all about.

If you are launching a new company, you might come to an idea of a domain name for example is in which the domain is already taken. So rather than going with something keyword-specific, you might brainstorm a brandable name like,,,, and many more. These domains are not real words but these will allow your brand to leverage on a brandable domain which is an appealing and unique name.

E. Avoid hyphens and numbers in the domain names.

As much as possible, you need to avoid hyphens and numbers on your domain name. Hyphens and numbers make it difficult for the users to pronounce and remember. Additionally, hyphens sometimes relate to spammy behavior

F. Don’t use doubled letters.

It’s not a good idea to use double letters in a domain. It is because users might misspell the name of your domain and therefore will result in a loss of traffic.

G. Make it easy to be pronounced or spelled out.

Creating your brand and increasing recall to the users is important. As a result, you need your domain name to be easy to be pronounced or spelled out. Hard to pronounced or spelled domains might result in a loss of website traffic.

H. Match it with your industry.

Domain names should agree with the brand or company that you want to establish. You need to spend a significant amount of time choosing your domain name so it is understood easily by your target audience. Additionally, the brand shall be unique and appealing to the industry.

I. Do your research.

You need to ensure that you will not be using a trademarked name. With this, you can review registered businesses if there are similar names on Google or on social media. You can also check trademark search websites to confirm if there is a business already registered using that name

J. Use business name generator for good domain ideas.

You can use business name generator tools to easily think of good and brandable domain names. There are lots of domain name generators like You can freely use that to generate quick ideas for your next brand.

K. Check marketplaces for quality domains.

Usually, short and good domain names are already owned by others. Domain investors tend to buy domains and then sell them at better prices although sometimes, good domains are sold at cheap prices on marketplaces.

You can check available domains for sale on

L. Get a free domain with web hosting.

The majority of web host companies offer a free domain when you purchased their hosting plans. If you have no server yet, it’s best to benefit from this free domain the time you purchase a package from your hosting provider.

M. Get a good domain name registrar.

A good domain name registrar should be able to provide you top-level domains and all the necessary tools to securely and easily manage your domains. You need to check also on the pricing of each domain name registrar as some registrars might provide you cost savings as compared to other registrars.

Usually, there are lots of add-ons on other domain name registrars which may end you paying more.

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